Brilliant! Tony Lee Thomas has the ability to take your attention and run with it. Having grown up in a family where music was not put on in the background to listen to but instead something to live by and be a part of. I find it difficult to find popular music that takes you by the shoulders and demands that you listen, move and feel. Supernova tells a beautiful tale through music and lyrics that are easily relatable for any person who has ever lived a moment of life. Some hard times and some good times all a part of humanity.

Songs like Gravity and Bakers Dozen which are full of meaningful moments in a person’s life yet that’s not going to stop you from dancing!

To be honest I’ve only been able to listen to 8 of the 9 tracks in their entirety. Songs like Southern Girl don’t come easy!

Tony Lee Thomas’s CD Supernova is played in the forefront of my household daily. A true work of art.

~Annie Guthrie
Executive, Rising Son Records
Annie Guthrie – Rising Son Records (Oct 23, 2006)

“If your are forcing me to make an analogy, I would say that Tony Lee Thomas’s CD “Supernova” conjures the ghosts of greats such as Ben Harper, The Allman Brothers Band and Steely Dan. Excellent.”

– Linus Ripley, Split the Atom, M & P
Linus Ripley – Split The Atom Management & Production (S.T.A.M.P.) (Apr 8, 2006)

Having seen Tony Lee and the band perform these songs live, it was great to listen to this CD and remember the evening. Tony’s songs are so well crafted. A true story teller, Tony transports you into his life and world with both his words and music. His vocals and harmonies are strong. Buy this CD it is well worth having. Then, go catch a show. You won’t forget Tony Lee or his songs.

Johnny Boots – CD Baby Album Reviews (Sep 1, 2007)