TLT is now available on iTunes! Who knew he could be so easy.



Tony Lee Thomas Band’s Facebook Page – with tracks and vids!

MySpace TV

This is generally where I can post videos of our shows and misadventures. Come check it all out, and leave us some comments!

You Tube

Check out all of my latest live footage!

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Northfire Recording Studio

A custom-built recording facility featuring in-house producers, arrangers, studio musicians, and a Grammy nominated engineer. We LOVE this place!

Robby Baier’s Music Syndicate

The label hosting a Substation Studios where one of my records was mixed. Tons of great music, musicians, and musical resources.

WCFM 91.9

Williams College Radio DJ Shaun Vincent. We are looking forward to exposing not only my music, but the work of many other independent artists. Tune in, and rock out!

Berkshire AV – Keith Forman

Mr. Forman, the TLT video guru.


Everything you need to know about the music scene, favorite bands, local events, and venues galore!

Max Creek

Any description required?

The Guthrie Kids

If y’all haven’t checked out he next generation of Guthries, then it’s about time you did


Wicked Cool Productions

Our management company and the executive producer of our most recent EP, “Temet Nosche”.