Storm of the Century revisited

After wrapping up our latest EP we flew down to Arizona to film this music video, produced by Ted Ciesielski.  We debuted it on our EP release run. The song is ‘Storm of the Century’, and if you knew the song pre ‘Temet Nosce’, then you’ll have to do yourself a favor and revisit it.  It’s ‘revamped’ ;)

On this tune we had Alan Evans (Soulive) on kit, Beau Sasser (The Alan Evans Trio,The Z3Beau Sasser TrioAkashic Record) on organ and rhodes, Garrett Sawyer on bass and a few other guest musicians on the tune as well. Check it out!

Now you can stream us on Grooveshark!

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Wanted to send out a quick note!

Now you all know the Tony Lee Thomas Band has a tradition of masquerading as another band for an entire night at Halloween. We’ve been Guns N Roses, Rage Against the Machine, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, AC/DC… Who will we be this year? You’ll have to come to Flavours in Pittsfield, MA on October 27th at 9pm to find out!! Modest Me is playing with us as well, it’ll be another  epic night to remember!

Got an exciting winter calendar coming up, going to be focusing up in the Killington Ski Areas again with a couple shows in Stowe as well. So check out the calendar to time your trips to ski country!


PS. Check out our youtube channel – got a couple newsies on there and more coming!

Exciting news!!

The new album is done!! It is called “Across the Twilight Sky”. The album release party will be held on March 4th at the Unicorn theater in Stockbridge, MA. For tickets and information check out The album sounds great!! Scottie “ducati” Guberman put some amazing tracks down with his B3. Dre and Raffi added some great rhymes and dubs on Young Love. We look forward to performing the new tunes!! After fridays’ party we will be heading up to Killington for an afternoon show at K-1 lodge, and will be spending our evening with our friends at Tuckernuck Shoals for a Vermont style album release party in Ludlow. Hope to see you all soon!! Peace, Love, Dove

Good times brought to you by the TLT band.

Hello there TLT faithful!! I hope all of you had a terrific time  over the holidays!! Tony, Jason and I had a great time rocking out in Killington and Ludlow over the past couple of weeks. Tony packed the house at O’laughlin’s back in Pittsfield. It was great to see so many of my new friends squished together like sardines supporting Tony!! The next night at Flavour’s we were lucky enough to be joined by Ben Butterworth on bass, and I must say he brought a really cool energy to the night. Tony and his sister closed out the Flavour’s show with a few duets. Seeing the two of them singing together was truly a special treat, and the treats continued this past sunday when Tony, Jason, and I had the honor of playing opening night at Tuckernuck Shoals in Ludlow, VT. Olive made the trip to Vermont, and once again wowed the crowd when she joined us for “When you gonna come back”. Tuckernuck Shoals had some amazing food and fantastic vibes!! I encourage everyone to stop by if they are heading through Ludlow! You can have a taste of some fantastic Nantucket brews from Cisco Brewers! My home town heros.  Tony will be playing up at Bear Mountain Lodge in Killington today, and Jason and I will be heading up there for a K1 show on New Years Eve day, and the Outback Ludlow for New Years Evening. Keep on keep’n on everybody!!

Thanks for listening,